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Your service could be more tailored to my account liking, like what i follow or like more than just any accounts that just follow to get followed .... it works but then my search feed or account suggestions is filled with people i’m not interested to follow or see in my feed at all.

Very Satisfied

I was in search of a service that could help with my social media activity and I am so glad that I chose Social Growth Engine!

Excellent Opportunity!

The best thing I’ve done this year for my Instagram business.

Like Exchange & Post Engagement Boost

They do exactly as stated

No fake accounts. No bots. No accounts from 3rd world countries. All legit engagement. I love that we can update our tracker whenever we choose without target limits as well. Very pleased. And saves me a lot of time and energy

Good service

Increased Likes and Followers. Not a ton but it seems more organic rather than 500 new fake followers.

Love it!

You’ve delivered as promised! No bots, no fake people, no bull! I love it!


I cant believe I'm saying this but I'm liking this company a lot

It works

I love this service so far . The likes are plentiful . Make sure to match the likes with your following to make the ryrhem flow . Customer care is spot on , they help you with anything you might need. I've been with this program for 1 month and I have gained almost 1000 follows from real ppl . They also make sure to see if the followed accounts follow you back and if they don't they unfollow them so you don't get bombarded with follows and no followers from said accounts. Thank you social growth engine and good work.

Little soon to tell but so far so good

Cannot fault the customer service team in any way, always give prompt responses and help with whatever query I gave them.

I believe you can trust them to help grow your Instagram account!

My only tiny issue was who my account manager was reaching out to but, customer service team are sorting this out now.

Awesome agency

I m very satisfied about everything. I could see results right away.. with a little bit of patience you can also see real followers engaging. From 6 likes in one month I gained more than 100 likes. Sometimes ibsee more than 200 and one time I got 600+ likes.. i gained hundreds of followers in 1 month plus I m a musician and for me engagement is important and I m starting to see musicians engaging! Also i get private messages from musicians and it s a great way to support music. I m really happy and I will continue using this service..

Finally some personal service

The customer service was great, a reply within minutes, sorted out our questions and were seeing at least 40 followers a day. Had 3 sales inquiries today alone

5 Stars

As a music producer and influencer (120K+) I have been in search of a real solution without bots, (its easy to tell when things are automated) I have not had a single block or issue, and I can not say that about any other I have tried.

Works good

A lot of likes. No one looks like a bot. Only drawback is no comments

Like Exchange & Post Engagement Package

This package was worth every penny!! I received so much likes, exchange, and post engagement activity within 24 hours after I was contacted from the team!! I received so many positive feedback from new followers, more brands interested in collaborating as a brand ambassador and just my lifestyle in general!!

Really Beneficial

This has helped our pre launch so much already, loving it….really focused on our demographics

Reasonable price for great service

The admins have been very communicative and I have seen engagement from the followers added so I do believe the targeted method is not only adding numbers but engagement. Good work!

You guys are awesome.... Definitely worth it

Thank you

Thank you social growth for the push. you guys did a good job.

A Real Growth Service

I have tried many growth services that failed to deliver “organic followers” as promised. However, with Social Growth Engine, I have gained real followers weekly. If you don’t want to get ripped off get these guys to grow your account for you. Thanks Guys.

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Good when it works

I’m happy with the service I receive from SGE as a whole but there are times when they take a very long time to deliver likes. I find that often if I post on Saturdays or Sundays the likes won’t start to come in until Monday which isn’t very helpful.

Instagram Sales Engine

A reliable service.

It took a little while to work out a few kinks. But once we did it was exactly what I was looking for. Definitely an awesome reliable service.