About Us


We are a collective team of Social Media Rockstars, born from a frustration of tools & services that either didn't produce results or produced poor results.

We use our very own private network of elite login locations the world over to protect your account.

We have seen numerous SPAM or FRAUDULENT players in our market, and this is why we invest heavily in externally audited review platforms like Trust Pilot and we operate our customer support desk 24/7 to assist at any given point.  Beware of imitators.

Social Growth Engine is a Registered 

United States of America Limited Liability Company

With Offices & Websites in the UK, Australia & USA

Can I use my account while it's managed by Social Growth Engine?

Yes! You're able to use your accounts as you normally do while your account manager is hard at work in the background.

Who are Social Growth Engine account managers & what do they do?

We consider a Social Growth Engine account manager your personal Social Media 'guru'. You are designated an account manager as soon as you sign up, and they work on growing your accounts for as long as you're with Social Growth Engine.

When you first sign up to Social Growth Engine, you're asked to describe what your account is about. In example, you may be an avid fitness enthusiast, posting pictures of you and your training routine.

Specifying this helps your account manager find the right users to engage with - real people who would appreciate your content.

Your account manager also engages with followers of users that you have specified. For example, you may want followers that are similar (or the same) as another fitness influencer. Your account manager will engage with these people.

Do you post content for me too?

This is something your account manager does not do. Social Media is all about personal style and creative control! As such, none of our account managers offer this as a service.

If you'd like, you can have custom content created for you to post with our
30 Instagram Posts Monthly service.

Is my Account Information Secure?

Yes. Social Growth Engine follows industry-leading security measures at our agency to protect your data. Firstly, your account manager never shares any of your personal information. Any information that is passed through the Social Growth Engine dashboard uses SHA-256 encryption and any password is never stored in our database. All Social Growth Engine account managers follow strict security guidelines that maximize the safety of your account.

Basic, anonymous data (like how you browse the Social Growth Engine homepage) may be used to help us improve Social Growth Engine's service, but your personal information will never be used, passed on to a third party, or mishandled.

We take your privacy very seriously. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Is Social Growth Engine safe for my account?

Yes, Social Growth Engine is very safe to use! Our account managers have been trained to protect your data with the highest level of security as well as protect you and every other customer that they manage. Not only will you see real results, but you can feel safe at the same time.

How do I get an account manager?

As soon as you sign up for a growth service, we'll match you with a dedicated account manager.

Your account manager then looks through your account(s) and how you've set up your account(s). From there, your Social Growth Engine account manager helps you grow your audience, finding you active organic followers that engage with your content.